Apple To Launch iLife 2009 On January 27th

Apple's iconic media bundle, iLife, is set to be released tomorrow, January 27th, according to a press release published by Apple although the company fails to say whether it will be a worldwide release or not.

iLife 09 will provide with major upgrades to iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb, iDVD and Garageband and is included with every new Mac or available as a $79 upgade for existing users. Incidentally, $79 is also the amount you would expect to pay for a new pack as well (that translates to £69 in the UK).

iPhoto will include "Faces and Places" technology, that's basically geotagging support and face recognition; there's also an improved Facebook support. iMovie also boosts video stabilisation, a new precision editor, animated maps and a slew of new transitions.

Audio Expert Garageband will also introduce you to piano and guitar lessons while iWeb will allow you to create custom websites plus adds a handful of widgets and FTP publishing capabilities and iDVD will help you create well... DVDs.

Apple also offers the family pack version which allows you to install the software on up to 5 computers for only £89, including free shipping.

Additionally, you can purchase the Mac Box Set which adds Mac OS X and iWork 2009 for a grand total of £149 while the family version costs a mere £199, that's under £40 per computer.

In Addition, Apple has queued 70 video tutorials for iLife 2009 over here.

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Our Comments

Everything seems to be rolling on pretty fine for Apple. After iWork 2009 and iLife 2009, Apple will be looking forward to the release of Snow Leopard latter in the year. One must applaud Apple for a simple and forward thinking pricing scheme. iLife is expected to hit the torrents fairly soon and as it was the case for iWork, expect Malware to be attached to them.

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