Digital Britain Is A Priority For Government Says Lord Carter

The highly anticipated Digital Britain report from Lord Carter, the Communications Minister is expected to urge for a greater investment from telecom companies to fund his vision of universal access to broadband.

Analysts believe that the report that dwells into the possible future of digital communication in Britain is expected to contain revised proposals that may call for low speed broadband delivered through copper wire lines instead of the originally proposed high speed fibre optic based network.

Incidentally about 40 percent of the country is yet to be connected via broadband and the Digital Britain report is likely to focus on various means on achieving universal broadband access across the country by the 2012.

Another fact that many believe will figure in the Digital Britain report is a call to the Government to ask the Office of Communications (Ofcom) to allow companies offering high speed broadband to set prices for their services in a manner that they can quickly recover their investment; in addition recommendation for tax breaks and other incentives for companies may also be mentioned in the report.

The report is also likely to look at issues that affect internet users including security and may also cover areas like digital radio and public service broadcasting.

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Our Comments

US President Barack Obama has already made it clear that he would made Broadband one of his priorities in terms of investment. Glad to see that this is also the case in the UK. Universal broadband is a good way to start it. However, it will involve commercial partners that have been rarer since the start of the current credit crunch.

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