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Digital Radio Penetration Stall In 2008 As Sales Fall

510,000 DAB Sets have been sold in the last month of 2008 according to figures revealed by the Digital Radio Development Bureau, accounting for nearly a quarter of sales for last year.

The most popular products according to the DAB body were DAB clock radios with docking stations, in-car DAB adapters and kitchen radios. Sales were down 7 percent from 550,000 while overall sales for 2008 were well under the 2.6 million expected by the DRDB.

The total number of DAB radio sets in the UK currently stands at 8.53 million, a 31 percent increase over 2007. Good but still not good enough to make DAB a viable alternative to FM within next decade.

The format held its own in an economic environment where DAB radios were amongst the rare good news but still fell short of emulating the likes of Freeview, the digital equivalent in the TV market.

More than 15 million homes now have Freeview, a format which is still growing at a remarkable rate of 25 percent per annum.

In related news, some worrying details about how some retailers are articificially boosting radio signals instore in order to get punters to buy DAB radios only for the customers to return home with a radio that's doesn't work well at home.

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The news come as DAB digital radio manufacturer Pure, part of Imagination Technologies (and potential target of Apple and Intel), announced that it has announced that its overseas sales had more than tripled in the past year.

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