Happy Birthday To Apple As The Fruity Company Turns 25

Apple’s first Macintosh marked its 25th birthday on last Saturday at a time when Apple is experiencing some its best ever sales figures and is expanding its influence beyond desktop computers.

The first Macintosh was unveiled in 1984 and it heralded an age of computers that sported a graphical user interface, a mouse along with icons and folders that made them popular with masses.

Before the Macintosh came on the horizon, computers were considered by many as instruments reserved for engineers and they needed arcane text commands to be entered to make them function.

However the Macintosh was soon able to dispel the myth that surrounded computers at that time and encouraged people to start using them by highlighting its user friendliness.

Incidentally the launch of the first Macintosh was accompanied by an expensive advert directed by famous director Ridley Scott and was first shown at the US Superbowl on 22nd January 1984.

The initial Macintosh was priced at $2495 and it was nearly 14 inches in height and weighed close to 22 pounds; in addition it included 128 kilobytes of RAM and sported an 8 MHz Motorola 68000 microprocessor.

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Our Comments

Long live to Apple and its co-founder(s). The company has had its fair share of controversies, great ideas and illustrious failures. But there's one thing that has been Apple's hallmark in these 25 years, its ability to confound its detractors and to celebrate its difference through innovation. May Apple live for another 25 years.

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