£38150 Panasonic TH103PF10 103-inch Plasma TV

The Panasonic TH103PF10BK 103 INCH PLASMA DISPLAY is the world s largest high definition plasma display and destined to be the awe inspiring centerpiece of any facility or event. This is the PANASONIC TH103PF10BK.

In comparison, a 42 inch Plasma looks like a Digital Photo Frame and a 26-inch LCD monitor looks positively ridiculous in comparison. This super-size display is equivalent in size to four 50-inch Panasonic plasma displays.

The device has a full HD pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, an Industry's leading 16-bit processing to produces 4,096 steps of gradation and a Contrast ratio of up to 4,000:1 to reproduce exceptionally deep, rich blacks.

The Effective display area is approximately 89" wide by 50" high. You can interface it with a PC; the Advanced Dual Picture mode to overlay a video image onto a full-screen PC image.

Three interchangeable slots and comes standard with the TY-FB9DD DVI board (compatible with UXGA input), TY-42TM6A analog component board, an integrated D-sub15 PC input, and an integrated D-sub9 RS-232C interface.

This is a specialist handling and installation item - a site survey must be undertaken prior to delivery or installation costs being calculated.

This credit crunch busting screen is available at AV-Sales for £38150 including VAT and delivery.