Mac Alert : Trojan Malware Hidding in Pirated Version of Photoshop CS4

Within few days after the security firm Intego discovered a hidden Trojan in pirated copies of iWork ‘09 suite, the company has found a new variant of the Trojan that comes concealed in pirated version of Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Mac systems.

According to Intego, the new variant of the Trojan, codenamed as “OSX.Trojan.iServices.B”, is discovered in pirated copies of the software distributed through BitTorrent trackers, along with the other websites that have links to the pirated software.

Though the real Photoshop installer is uncontaminated, the Trojan horse comes hidden in a crack application that helps in serializing the program, Intego added.

Users who install Adobe Photoshop CS4 via peer-to-peer network would run the integrated crack application so as to enable the software to function without requiring any legitimate serial number.

In this case, the crack application first of all installs a backdoor with some randomized names in the /var/tmp/ directory, after which the application asks for administrator password in order to run the installed backdoor with root privileges, the security company claimed.

Once the Trojan launches, it stores a hash of root password of the targeted Macs and eventually transfers the password to malware writer when requested to do so.

Mac users worried about the issue are recommended to use some effective security software to protect their all important data.

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Our Comments

Mac users better watch out, crapware, malware and other malicious codes are coming to your platform. With greater market share comes greater responsibility. While Apple's platform is fundamentally secure, one might fear that the rather cavalier approach to security of some of its users could help spread the contamination more quickly.

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