Microsoft Reveals Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate Browser

Inching closer towards the release of next iteration of Internet Explorer 8, Microsoft on Monday has released the third beta for its IE 8 that incorporates a bunch of handy features that would make web browsing much safer and easier.

The third beta, which is also being dubbed as near-final “release candidate”, includes a list of compatible websites that would actually work with the new browser.

With a handful of useful features of new IE 8, such as private browsing, enhanced security, and new kind of add-ons, named “accelerators”, the software giant is looking forward to recover some of its lost share in web browsing domain.

In a bid to ensure safe browsing for web users, IE 8 includes a cross-site scripting filter, along with security against as clickjacking.

The new browser boasts of two modes for viewing websites, namely default and compatibility, while the former supports the advanced web standards, such as CSS 2.1, the latter facilitates users to view several applications and websites designed for older iterations for IE that were incompatible with the web standards.

IE 8 will be compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP, Service Pack 2 or later, and its new version for Windows 7 is also being developed.

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Our Comments

Like Windows 7, we fully expect Internet Explorer 8 to restore some faith in Microsoft's ability to deliver great software. We did notice in our informal testing that resource consumption was a big issue with Beta 2 and hopefully this will have been solved by now. Also of interest is the fact that IE8 will bring the focus back add-ons.

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