Palm Pre litigation on the horizon?

Whilst Palm has designed PDA’s and mobiles for many years more than Apple, Apple’s COO Tim Cook is mooting that he doesn’t like the similarities between some new competitors and the eponymous iPhone.

It’s normal in mobile for legal battles to go on for years and engorge lawyers’ pockets. So it may be with the Apple and Palm in the near future.

Disputes around multitouch (Apple), docking stations (Palm), software switches (Palm) and a myriad number of design tweaks, UI gestures, process implementation lawsuits will unfold if Apple feel they are on the back foot.

Whilst Palm has little cash to defend itself at the moment, this may change when the lawyers fully assess Palm’s patent war chest, and start speculative legal action against Apple, Nokia, Samsung et al.

Instead of wasting time and energy on puerile patent nuances, Apple must concentrate on maintaining their product pre-eminence as the Pre will be ideally placed to be the iPhone’s technical nemesis.