Western Digital Releases First 2TB Hard Disk Drive

Western Digital has managed to release the first 2TB hard disk drive in January 2009, handing it the title of world's biggest hard disk drive, and succeeded in cramming up to 500GB worth of data per platter (that's 400Gb per square inch).

The drive which comes with a 32MB cache comes with Western Digital green technology which promises great performance while keeping cool and using less power than your average drive (so the press release says).

Western Digital says the reduction in CO2 through a number of tweaks and performance improvement means that the power saved (possibly over a year) is equivalent to taking an average car off the road for three days.

The Register, which got its hands on one of the first drives available for reviews, says that the formatted capacity is only 1.81TB - a 10 percent reduction - and the spinning speed is 5400rpm, which results in a slightly higher access time at 5.5ms.

But there's also a 7200rpm version floating around with a lower access time and possibly a damn quick drive; a few websites have already started selling the drive although general availability shouldn't come before a few weeks.

With this 2TB drive, Western Digital is obviously eyeing the tape replacement and PVR users who crave for high capacity. The drive comes only a few weeks after Seagate launched its 1.5TB hard disk drive and promised a 2TB version for soon.

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Our Comments

Performance wise, this hard disk drive, although sporting a 5400rpm, performs incredibly well given the fact that it was an engineering sample. Given its credentials, it is not surprising that it will come at a premium (50 percent we reckon) even when compared to 1TB hard disk drives which costs around £67.

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