Apple Wins Multitouch Patent, Prepares For Legal Battle With Palm

It seems that Palm Inc.’s new iPhone killer device, Palm Pre, which has managed to grab the attention of phone fashionistas since it was unveiled in Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, will have a shaky future ahead, thanks to the patent recently awarded to Apple.

Showcased in January at the CES, the new Palm Pre has a bunch of remarkable features that have already been liked by several phone enthusiasts, and the device is all set to be available in the first half of this year.

However, Apple’s new patent, coded 7,479,949, which covers iPhone’s distinctive touchscreen technology, would surely pose troubles, perhaps a probable legal action, for Palm Pre.

The new patent granted to Apple, in addition to the touchscreen feature, included iPhone’s hardware and operating system; however, some of the features described in the patent are not even there in the iPhone but are sported in the other devices.

Citing the impact of the patent of the new patent over the smartphone market, Rob Walch, producer of one of the largest iPhone podcast, iPhone Today, asserted that this new patent would surely make things difficult for the smartphones to be launched, and Palm Pre will be the first to face the blow.

“This patent will definitely give Apple’s legal team a lot of ammunition in going after and stopping the Pre before it ever reaches the market”, he said.

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Our Comments

Apple's smart enough to go after Palm first to "frighten" other manufacturers over a pretty unique feature - multi touch. No wonder that Palm's Shares price fell by more than 10 percent in the past week alone. The company is no match, financially for Apple, which has a market capitalisation 100 times bigger. Will David "Pre" win against Goliath "Apple"? Maybe if a white knight called Microsoft drops by.

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