Boris Johnson Pleads For McKinnon Pardon With US President

London’s mayor on Tuesday called on the US President Barack Obama to abandon the efforts to extradite the British hacker who had breached the computer systems of US defense department back in 2001.

The mayor Boris Johnson has called the British hacker Gary McKinnon a “crank”, who believes in the existence of UFOs, and eventually broke into the computer systems to gather some information about the same.

Furthermore, Johnson also alleged British authorities for being ‘spineless’ for not trying hard to stop McKinnon’s extradition process, which can land McKinnon with a rigorous sentence of up to 70 years in jail.

Johnson appreciated Obama’s decisions of repealing water-boarding and Guantanamo, and other such dread apparatus of Bush’s administration, and urged the new administration to address “one last piece of neocon lunacy” in the guise of McKinnon’s extradition process.

Mentioning the rigid outlook of US administration towards Gary McKinnon, Johnson wrote, “To listen to the ravings of the U.S. military, you would think that Mr. McKinnon is a threat to national security on a par with Osama bin Laden”.

McKinnon’s lawyers further notified that he has Asperger’s Syndrome, a kind of autism, which made the hacker to break in to the US computer systems.

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Our Comments

Boris Johnson brings some common sense in the whole Mc Kinnon debate. Using an M16 rifle to kill a fly was never the right solution. McKinnon made a mistake, he apologised and accepted the fact that he may spend the next few years in a British prison cell. However, spending up to 70 years in jail while others who swindled billions of dollars are served much lighter sentences is simply unjust.

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