Sony XEL-1 OLED Television Gets Official Launch in UK At £3489

If you have £3500 to spare, then you could bag yourself the credit crunch busting Sony XEL-1 Television, which is the world's thinnest monitor at only 3mm and the first ever OLED TV (or grooving photo frame) to be launched on this side of the Atlantic.

But there's also a few other records that this telly can claim. It has the highest price per inch ever at £317 per viewable inch, that's nearly FOURTY times what you can expect to pay for the Dabs Value 32" Freeview LCD TV which costs £259 (or around £8 per inch).

Then there's the fact that the XEL-1 offers a 1,000,000 : 1 contrast ratio, far more than anything currently available on the market. Finally, it may hold the unenviable record of the highest markup ever in the history of UK consumer electronics (ed: the German can expect to pay $5700 for owning one, nearly three times the price Japanese have to fork out).

The XEL-1 costs $2499 (around £1750) in Sony's Sonystyle US online shop; that's half the price of what you can expect to be charged. And they don't even use posh material to build it, preferring more eco-friendly bio plastic material.

You could possibly fly to the United States and bag it rather than buy it here.

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Our Comments

You could possibly either wait a bit or just ignore the buzz around it and bag something different. The XEL-1 would be great as a photo frame (albeit an ultra expensive one) and certainly not to watch cinema-style video. Given the choice, we'd rather go for Sony's own ZX series, a 40-inch screen measuring 9.9mm thick and available for less than £3000.

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