Sony's Bravia ZX1 : The Thinnest LCD Television Ever

Sony has announced the addition of a worthy jewel to the already crowded award winning Bravia range; the ZX1 has claimed the title of world's thinnest LCD TV thanks to a 9.9mm profile that's thinner than a burnt toast.

The Japanese CE giant keeps the ZX1's thickness down by using LED on the side to light the LCD panel rather than on the back which helped saved those few precious millimeters.

This 40-inch screen has a frame rate of 100Hz and uses Sony's latest image blur reduction technology to ensure pixel perfect quality. Apart from being full HD compatible (capable of displaying 1920x1080 pixels), the screen comes with four HDMI ports (only one on the telly) and connects wireless to its media box .

It is likely that the stand that comes with it is removable so that you can actually fix the television to your lounge wall, turning it into an ultra expensive £2929 digital photo frame.

It is unlikely though that Sony will hold the title for long as other competitors, like JVC, Philips and Samsung are expected to launch even thinner LCD televisions in the forthcoming months.

Samsung may even bring a 6.5mm one soon with a 3mm being the thinnest that's physically (and mechanically) possible. One can expect that these technologies percolate one day to hand held devices like the Blackberry Storm which is around 15mm thick.

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Our Comments

Does anyone actually care that this television is so thin? I mean, it is not as if it is a dieting contest or that people spend hours looking at the sides of their televisions. I'd be worried about the extreme thinnest of those anorexic televisions. Don't forget to buy insurance when you grab one of those.

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