Amazon Readies Kindle 2 E-Reader

It seems that Amazon is all set to roll out the new iteration of its groundbreaking Kindle e-book reader in the second week of February, according to reports.

Speculations about the new version of Kindle have been sparked by an email sent by the company to media on Tuesday that talked about holding a news conference on the 9th of February at the Morgan Library and Museum in New York.

The email doesn’t include any details about the conference, except for the fact that Amazon’s chief exec Jeffrey Bezos would host it.

Although the email doesn’t discuss anything about any new product, Amazon-watchers depict that the definite purpose of the conference is the launch of the new version of its Kindle e-book reader.

In fact, Amazon’s website clearly indicates some striking changes in Kindle are there on the cards, as the retailer is taking pre-orders for the device by saying that it will start shipping it within a month or so.

Debuted in November 2007, Amazon claims Kindle as its most famous consumer electronics device that allows readers to search sample books, newspapers, magazines and blogs, along with the capability of buying the searched content.

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Our Comments

If Amazon is readying a second Kindle, this means that the first one was quite popular. V2 could possibly improve a few nagging features including its ergonomics and the fact that it only reads certain types of formats. It is also highly likely that Amazon decides to trim down the price of the initial one to well under $300 and expand distribution outside US.

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