Digital Britain Report Calls For 2Mbps Basic "High Speed" Broadband

The much anticipated report on UK's broadband future, referred to as "Digital Britain", is set to be released today, and it is expected to outline government's plan for providing universal broadband by 2012.

The program incorporates a plan to offer a minimum of 2Mbps broadband speeds to every household in UK that will be good enough to bring live coverage of London Olympics right on PC screens of any household in UK.

The interim report, which is set to be published by UK's communications minister Lord Carter today, revolves around the notion of offering broadband connection to every household in the country.

This doesn't seem to be an easy task at all, as only 40 percent of households in UK currently have broadband connections.

Cost of implementing broadband to such a massive scale, which has been the sole responsibility of BT until now, is expected to be shared by other players of the industry too; moreover, other probable recommendations of the report include regulations for preventing children to use social networking platforms, along with minimum internet speeds.

In addition, it may also include a proposal for levying broadband providers for the damage they have caused to music and film companies in the guise of illegal downloads, with the levied amount exceeding £1billion over the period of five years.

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Our Comments

It is still the early days and we just had news that Gordon Brown is talking on investing massively in broadband services to make connectivity as essential as a basic service as water or electricity before 2012. That's a very ambitious project and given the current financial constraints, one that will need proper preparation.

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