1 in 3 UK Office Workers Look At Inappropriate Content At Work

A survey commissioned by email management company Proofpoint found out that a third of office workers claimed to have watched inappropriate NSFW (not safe for work) content on their office computers.

Intriguingly, only 7 percent - less than a quarter of the guilty lot - claimed to have been caught red handed.

In addition, more than half of the 400 respondents have confessed having inadvertently pressed on the reply to all button when answering a company wide email; 25 percent said that they had sent a raunchy email to a colleague when it was meant for their lover.

David Stanley, Managing Director of the company, said that there is ""A real crossover in the digital realm between personal and professional lives means staff are increasingly relaxed in their use of workplace email and internet." adding that "The vast majority of security breaches and data losses are down to the user sat in front of the computer. People are always the weakest link and this research shows just how fallible staff can be."

Other facts that were revealed include the weird facts that 25 percent of the sample said they fell asleep at least once at their desks and more than half returned to the office after lunch inebriated.

A previous survey by Scansafe showed that nearly half of web traffic is not related to the work activities - including social networking, music download, personal webmail and pornography.

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Our Comments

The data depicts a worrying picture of the gradual decay of work ethos in the office workplace. Unfortunately, there is not much that companies can do to prevent users from accessing their personal emails for example. Even blocking Instant Messaging services is pretty much worthless as alternatives like GTalk or Meebo allows users to bypass existing protections.

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