£78.19 32GB Crucial Internal 2.5" Solid State Drive

Introducing Crucial SSD (Solid State Drive) technology - delivering the benefits of flash technology in a completely different way.

More reliable, faster, and more durable than traditional magnetic hard drives, our SSDs are a forward-thinking solution for mobile users - users who want longer battery life, and can't afford to lose or corrupt the data stored on their notebooks.

Likewise, SSDs are a great alternative for the PC enthusiast who is always looking for the very best in system performance.

The advantages reach beyond the notebook, too. Our innovative SK01 external storage kit integrates an SSD into your standard desktop PC and allows it to act as a portable USB storage device.

The possibilities are endless! Crucial is the company that's been giving your outstanding DRAM memory upgrades backed by industry-leading warranties and outstanding service and support. And now, were the company that delivers the best SSD products and information to meet your needs.

This is a rugged 32GB SSD hard disk drive and is on sale at Crucial at £78.19 delivered.