£8.69 8GB Dane-Elec zLight USB Drive

Carry your favourite photos, files, links & songs everywhere with the brand new Dane Elec zLight key drives.

Just simply plug and play into any USB 2.0 (also backwards compatible with usb 1.1) slot and drag your files to the drive. This 8GB module has enough room to hold around: 2000 MP3's at 128 kbps, 5000 Jpeg's at 3 MegaPixels and 24 hours of Mpeg4 video!

The only downside according to reviews is that attachment 'loop' is on the cap. So I dont recommend attaching a lanyard. The drive has read write speeds of 26MBps and 7MBps respectively.

The item is available from 7dayshop.com for a mere £8.69 delivered.