Digital Britain Report Paves The Way For Broadband & Media Revolution in UK

Lord Carter, UK’s communication minister, has finally presented the much anticipated “Digital Britain” report to Parliament yesterday, and the speculations made so far about the report seem to be bang on target, with universal broadband forms centerpiece of this interim report.

This 86-page interim report unveils government’s ambitious plans to make the broadband ubiquitous across the country, rectifications in public broadcasting, along with some reforms in radio spectrum.

The report further included the government’s plans for compelling internet companies to provide information on internet pirates, and a pledge to protect the Channel 4’s future as the second public service broadcasting company.

The report received mixed response from the Parliament, as some of the members welcomed its proposals, while opposition rejected the report by saying that it was “light on specifics”.

However, Lord Carter expressed concerns over Britain’s get outpaced by the other regions of the world in terms of using digital technology, as he mentioned that the US appears all set to propel to next level in use of digital technology under the leadership of Barack Obama, and Asian economies are also exhibiting positive trends in employing digital technology.

Furthermore, the absence of strategies for improving UK’s tech startup conditions has also been one of the profound reasons for criticism of the report, as experts asserted that report largely focuses on rescuing old businesses, instead of encouraging tech startups in the country.

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Our Comments

Lord Carter's report comes in as a hefty 86 pages interim report and is well worth a read since it is essentially a blueprint depicting the future of the United Kingdom when it comes to new technologies and media. Some have already criticised it, notably over its call for shedding AM and FM bands, rolling out a universal 2MB broadband service and the cost of implementing the ideas in the report. But at least it started a discussion.

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