Microsoft : EU Will Force Us To Offer Alternative Browsers

In response to European Union’s allegations over inclusion of Internet Explorer as a default web browser for Windows operating systems, Microsoft claimed that EU could compel PC users to opt between IE and other browsers when they set up their computer systems.

According to second-quarter 10-Q Sec filing from Microsoft, the company has claimed that EU is planning to order Microsoft and other PC vendors to force PC users to choose their browsers while they set up their machines.

Earlier this month, EC sent the software giant a report of its year-long investigation into the company’s business methodologies, and proposed a bunch of remedies for them; however, those remedies from EC could compel consumers for a choice of browsers, according to 10Q filing from Microsoft.

In addition, Microsoft also notified its investors that it could be charged with some considerable fine by the EC, owing to the sales of Windows in EU member countries.

Commenting upon the repercussions of the implementation of proposed remedies, Microsoft in its 10Q filing noted, “Such a remedy might include a requirement that OEMs distribute multiple browsers on new Windows-based PCs”.

Microsoft concerns over EC remedies are quite obvious, as any such ruling could affect Microsoft potentially both in terms of money and share in browser market.

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Our Comments

Is Microsoft pre-emptively moving its pieces across the board? It is worth noting that the allegations have been made by Microsoft and not by the EU commission. Forcing OEM manufacturers like Dell, HP or Acer to bundle alternative browsers could pose further issues. Which browsers to offer? Who will support them? Who will foot the installation bill?

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