Rumour Mill : Firmware Could Hide Details Of New Secret Apple iPhone

Rumours are swirling across the internet that Apple’s blockbuster iPhone 3G is all set to get some face lift with MacRumours pointing out a hidden code in the OS X 2.2.1 firmware released earlier that points out towards a new version of iPhone, which has been codenamed as “iPhone2,1”.

Mobile analytics company PinchMedia notified that it has noticed a device labeled as “iPhone2,1” in its ad serving reports.

It has been found that Apple uses this labeling terminology to distinguish between its various hardware models, as the original iPhone tagged with the model number of “iPhone1,1”, and its 3G iteration is labeled as “iPhone1,2”.

In the same manner, iPod Touch has been tagged as “iPod1,1”, while the latest hardware model is labeled with “iPod2,1”, with the latter version of iPod included volume controls, a speaker, microphone compatibility, and enhanced processor.

Citing the changes made over from “iPod1,1” to “iPod2,1”, the use of “iPhone2,1” term in the recently released firmware has prompted Apple watchers to speculate about some striking modifications in iPhone.

In addition, rumours around the future iPhone are also indicating that it will have support for Multi-Core CPUs, and most probably, Imagination Technologies’ Multi-Core GPUs, along with newer ARM processors or communications chipsets.

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Our Comments

As for any rumour, this one needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. It could well be a decoy used by Apple's programmers. The company has been unusually secretive about the next iPhone and now that the most glaring omission, 3G, has been included, bets are opened as to what Apple will include in its new set of features for Version 3 of the iPhone.

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