Samsung's New 4GB DDR3 DRAM Chip Means 32GB Memory Modules

Samsung has announced the world's highest density DRAM chip, a 4GB DDR3 module, which is manufactured using a 50nm technology and is double the size of previously available DDR3 chips.

The chip, which operates at 1.35v, will consume less power and dissipate less heat than the previous generation, making it particularly crucial for data centres and laptops.

The Korean Chaebol said that the chips will be used in 16GB, 8GB and possibly 32GB memory modules aimed at laptops, blade servers, workstations and desktops.

32GB DIMMs(Dual InLine Memory Modules) will be achieved by gluing two 16GB module into a single space, allowing motherboards with six memory slots to reach an astounding 192GB memory.

No launch dates have been announced yet but it is likely to be adopted by a select few manufacturers as prices are expected to be sky high for such memory modules.

Currently, a single 4GB DDR3 memory module costs more than £250. In comparison, a 4GB DDR2 memory module costs as little as £75 each.

Furthermore, there remains the issue of compatibility. Most DDR3-compatible motherboards on the market support only 4GB modules up to 12GB and silicon manufacturers have yet to announce chipsets capable for supporting such a high density.

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Our Comments

AMD has launched a DDR3 memory compatible chipset - the AMD 790GX - to coincide with the launch of its AM3 socket. Intel also has the X58 chipset ready. Ironically, it is unlikely that most of us will ever need that much memory (at least in a foreseeable future). Windows 7 is almost certainly going to be as frugal as Windows XP (let alone Windows Vista), a great thing for old computer but not for memory manufacturers like Crucial.

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