AMD AM3 Phenom II Processors Listed in UK

CCL Online has become the first UK retailer to list AMD's forthcoming range of Phenom II processors ahead of their official launch tomorrow (ed: Eclipse Computers also shows them).

The website lists the AMD Phenom II X3 710, the 720 and the 810 with prices varying from £112.63 to nearly £160. The 7xx series being Triple core CPUs while the 8xx is a Quad core CPU. They will all be compatible with AM2+ motherboards.

All three processors are rated at 95w and are retail versions including a Fan and three year warranty. The 710 model is a 2.6GHz model with 6MB L2 cache, while the 810 is the quad core version with 8MB L2 Cache. The 720 Black Edition has a higher 2.8GHz clock rating and comes with an unlocked multiplier for easy overclocking.

AMD's newest processor range is facing tough competition from Intel's Core i7 range but it seems that they are capable of much higher overclocking speeds compared to the original Phenom processors. In January, overclockers were able to push some X4 processors to 6.5GHz.

Other websites, notably in Netherlands, have already listed the items for the same price. AMD kits - including the motherboard and memory - are expected to be significantly cheaper than equivalent Intel processors as they will use DDR2 memory modules.

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Our Comments

In late December 2008, ECS had announced the first AM3 Phenom II X4 Compatible DDR3 motherboard, the A790GXM-AD3, which will include a ATI Radeon HD 3300 integrated graphics core. Other manufacturers, Jetway, Asus and MSI notably have already backed AMD's new format.

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