Adobe working with Apple to bring Flash to the iPhone

In spite of all the efforts and time that Adobe has poured, a practicable version of Adobe Flash player for the iPhone appears to be a hard nut to crack, Adobe’s chief exec Shantanu Narayen asserted in an interview to Bloomberg news service.

In his interview, Narayen notified the complexity involved in the task by saying, “It's a hard technical challenge, and that’s part of the reason Apple and Adobe are collaborating. The ball is in our court. The onus is on us to deliver”.

Apple has mentioned over and over again that the desktop version of Flash player will be too resource consuming for the iPhone, as it will presumably affect phone’s battery life and CPU, whereas Flash Lite will be very lousy for its blockbuster handset, and hence the company has pushed Adobe for developing a custom solution.

Adobe’s Flash is already installed in around 98 percent of the personal computers and 800 million handsets, but it is still unavailable on the iPhone.

Earlier in march last year, Apple’s boss Steve Jobs notified that the desktop iteration of Flash runs very slowly on the iPhone, and hence, asked Adobe to design a new version of Flash that would go well with the iPhone.