Microsoft Fast-tracks Windows 7, Goes Straight To RC1

Citing the positive response from the developer community, Microsoft has asserted that it won’t launch any more beta versions of Windows 7, as the release candidate for the operating system is there in the offing.

The operating system has exhibited notable stability since its pre-beta code was launched, and the company claimed that the constructive beta feedback from developers has provided the impetus to switch to its next level of development.

Exact information about the launch date of the first release candidate (RC1) hasn’t been disclosed yet, albeit the company is expected to unveil the finalized version of the operating system by the end of this year.

Emphasizing the success of Windows 7 beta, Steven Sinofsky, senior VP Windows engineering group, noted in company’s blog, “There's been such an incredible response, with many folks even blogging about how they have moved to using Windows 7 Beta on all their machines and have been super happy.”

In addition, Microsoft further dropped hints that there will be no RC2 for the OS, as it won’t have the second beta version, and Windows 7 will be directly moving to final release from its RC1.

The downloading deadline for Windows 7 beta had been extended to 10 February, the software giant announced last month, and those who are interested to try their hands on Windows 7 should start downloading the beta before the announced date.

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Our Comments

Windows 7 is set to be Microsoft's make or break operating system (ed: it's a "make" as far as we're concerned). The bashing Vista has sustained over the past 12 months has apparently made it clear to Microsoft that Vista's successor should be pushed live ASAP.

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