Smart Phones Lead Market Growth

Although the mobile handset market is seemingly falling into the clutches of the global economic crunch with a majority of big players in the industry posting dull Q4 results, the market of smartphones has apparently been left untouched and it will continue to show positive growth trends in the near future, a recent research revealed.

Smartphones accounted for around 14 percent of all handsets shipped during 2008 globally and the figure seems all set to rise to 17 percent in this year, according to reports from ABI Research Inc.

The research report, tagged as “Mobile Devices Market Sizing and Share”, asserted that around 171 million smartphones were shipped in 2008, and the figure appears to grow as mobile network operators will present more data plans and manufacturers will look for higher profit margins to beat the ongoing economic crunch.

In addition, the report also attributed highly advanced features of contemporary handsets as one of the causes responsible for plummeting handsets sales.

Nokia, with 38.6 percent share of all the 1.21 billion handsets shipped globally, is leading by a great margin, followed by Samsung Electronics with 16.2 percent, LG Electronics and Motorola, with 8.3 percent share each, and Sony Ericsson with an 8 percent share.

Apple, with its two versions of iPhone, has managed to acquire 1.1 percent of the total share, while Research in Motion and HTC have accounted for 1.9 percent and 1.1 percent of handset shipments globally.