TomTom helps UK through the snow

Users of TomTom’s satnav devices have managed to keep away from the traffic jams this morning triggered by the heaviest snowfall in the UK for the last 13 years that caused absolute chaos on the roads.

The HD Traffic System, integrated in the satnav system, which projects the speed of traffic by using live cell information from Vodafone’s mobile phones, reported about 1,086 miles of traffic at around 8:30am in Britain from almost 388 traffic jams that had captured the roads.

With 32-mile long queue formed on the M25, between junction 19 at Watford and junction 8 at Reigate, at around 7:30am in the morning, it has emerged as the clear winner of all the traffic jams that held the country to a standstill this morning.

In addition, on the M27 at around 8:00am in the morning, there were agonizing delays of almost one and a half hours between the Fareham’s junction 11 and the M3 Interchange.

Other online mapping service have also supported the data from TomTom, as Google Maps notified that the southern part of the M25 is almost at a standstill, with the A3 also appearing to bear the impact of M25 tailbacks.