Top Secret Totally Accurate Voice Controlled Zumba Phone Revealed By BBC

Military specialist IA Technology has showed to the BBC a prototype of what it calls the "the world's first fully accurate voice recognition system for mobile phones" but some are already wondering whether the whole thing is totally genuine or just a mock up of a device that seems to come straight from a Star Trek episode.

The maker of a fully hands-free mobile phone, British company IA Technology, reckons that the device will revolutionise the industry. According to the ZumbaLumba website, the Zumba "is a new type of mobile telephone that will be available at low cost, provide low cost calls and allow hands free use."

Now for the details, IA Technology specialises in military technology, was apparently formed 30 years ago to "meet the exacting requirements" of military clients. Apart from that you will be hard pressed to find more information about this secretive company on the web. The 40-odd strong company do (or used to) manufacture ejector seat.

The demonstration, which you can view on the next page shows a prototype, rather than a fully working device, that is made up only of a display and a circular dialer, reminding us of The Onion's Spoof video of the "wheel" laptop. IA Technology claims that the device connects through a 100 percent secure connection to an internet portal and that losing the phone makes it instantly useless to anyone else.

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Our Comments

Zumba Lumba sounded too much like Oompa Loompa and managed to get some of us in the office here to be struck down with fits of laughter. Seriously though, the company may be technologically advanced enough to build such a device but the marketing department is foolish enough to choose such a name for a very promising product. Verdict: It's probably a hoax like the Windows Mobile demo working on the iPhone.

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