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Amino Communications Reaches 2 Million Units

One of the world’s most renowned internet TV set-top box supplier, Amino Communications, has added yet another feather to its cap by selling its two millionth AmiNET set-top box, the company announced, when it shipped the landmark module to a distributor in Russia.

This Cambridge-based company began its shipments in 2002, and expanded with a rapid pace during the past year under the leadership of its new chief exec, Andrew Burke, man behind several lucrative decisions, including the acquisitions of Tilgin’s IPTV arm and AssetHouse.

The sales landmark was achieved in December last year, when the company shipped its advanced products to the bolstering Russian market, and the company is now operating in over 80 countries across the world.

By adding Tilgin’s to its existing product range, the company now has around 2.5 million set-top boxes floating in the market.

Commenting upon achieving this milestone, Amino’s CEO Andrew Burke asserted that it is a “strong vindication” of company’s high-end product range, and said in a statement, “As the world of IPTV evolves, Amino continues to innovate and develop its position at the leading edge of the industry”.

Last Year, Amino’s new AmiNET130 model achieved accolades worldwide in the guise of a couple of awards it received, including Chicago Athenaeum Museum’s award for Good Design and Best in Show award at the Telco TV event.

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Our Comments

There is a lot of consolidation going on in the field of IPTV and Amino is well placed to have a definite impact. Still, it will be interesting to find out how it will achieve rapid expansion in more mature markets where competition with more well known brands like Sagem, Thomson or Amstrad.

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