Dot Tel Domain Names Sales Could Spark Online "Land Grab"

Some say that it is the biggest innovation in the domain name segment since the initial dot com release; starting from this afternoon at 1500, dot tel domain name will be pushed live by Telnic Limited, the registry operator of the new top level domain name.

More than 100 registrars worldwide have already committed to participate in the so-called Landrush registrations. The sunrise registration period, where owners and licensees of trademarks registered with national effect may apply, ended this morning at 00:00.

During, the Landrush period, domain names will be available on a first-come, first served basis, will carry a three-year minimum term and will be available for $375 and from the 23rd of March, this price will drop to only $20 per month.

Unlike other top level domain names, owners of .tel domains will not be able to modify the DNS to redirect them to a custom made website, instead, Telnic will provide customers with the ability to change their contact details such as names, telephone numbers, web and email addresses.

In effect, Dot Tel entries would become the equivalent of a yellow page entry. This makes cases of impersonification and phishing attempts more difficult as Telnic ultimately controls the content on the pages.

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Our Comments

Dot Tel could possibly be rolled out as a Twitter like service. As it stands right now, they are nothing more than a placeholder and it is likely to be used and abused at a frightening speed as Ben Edelman, a researcher at Harvard Business School in the US, acknowledges. Telnic has also provided with an API to encourage developers come up with smart applications that can interact with the Dot Tel infrastructure.

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