Gaming Mogul Criticises Digital Britain Report

The creative director of Eidos, Ian Livingstone, has lambasted the government for putting the gaming industry aside in the Digital Britain report presented by Lord Stephen Carter.

Livingstone, who works for one of UK's biggest video games publishers, told the Financial Times that "The government has ignored us once again, yet we contribute more to UK Plc than the film industry does, whether it's a negative perception of games, or not understanding the skills and costs to make a game, we don't seem to register on the radar of the government."

Video Games sales outstrip DVD and Blu-ray in 2008 and yet an industry that recorded a 38 percent increase in sale last year got only a paragraph in the report which acknowledged the challenges they faced without providing with more details and more importantly, more solutions.

In Canada and South Korea, the government has stepped in to help games publishers by providing with tax breaks and this has prompted some gamers to join a lobbying group called "Games Up?" to convince the UK government to give more benefits to UK game developers.

The £2 billion UK-made games business could soon be out of breath and out of luck as Canadians have already started luring creative and innovative British gaming startups with promises of tax breaks and other incentives.

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Our Comments

The gaming industry should be glad that this is not the final version of the report. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport to which the report was presented said that this was not the final version. However, it is sad that Andy Burnham and his colleagues waited for members of the beleaguered gaming industry to come forward before taking action.

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