Get Nokia's 5800 Xpressmusic Phone With Unlimited Text, Mobile & Landline Broadband For Under £30

Carphone Warehouse managed to get the best possible deal out of mobile phone provider O2 with a £15 monthly contract that includes unlimited texts and the gorgeous Nokia 5800 Tube "Xpressmusic" touchscreen smartphone.

Punters could be in for much more though if they can afford an additional £14.68 per month. O2 offers a number of advantages to its existing users including so called web bolt-on which allow unlimited browsing on your mobile for only £7.34 per month.

Most recent Nokia mobile phones allow tethering through Nokia's Software suite and by using the "One Touch Access" feature. The phone can be used as a modem over GPRS, EGPRS, 3G and HSDPA depending where you are.

Furthermore, the Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic is compatible with Windows (either through USB or through Bluetooth), Mac and Linux using the appropriate software.

In addition, you can get O2's Home Broadband package for only £7.34 per month; it offers a wireless router, up to 8mbps download (without limits), free McAfee security software and an additional 100 free web texts per month.

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Our Comments

Alternatively, you can buy the phone SIM free/unlocked for less than £240 at and get Online Simplicity 20 from O2, which gives you 600 minutes and 1200 texts as well as unlimited web browsing Bolt-on for £19.58 per month. For £29.58 per month, this is still a cracking deal which Nokia will transform into an even better deal thanks to the "Comes With Music" scheme.

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