Google Releases Earth 5.0, Introduces Underwater Navigation

Google has spruced up the offerings of its mapping application Google Earth by adding oceans and planet Mars into its latest iteration of Google Earth.

The new version, codenamed as “Google Earth 5.0”, was unveiled yesterday at the California Academy of Sciences, and it incorporates data from 80 different organizations, such as the National Geographic Society, the Marine Conservation Society, and US Navy.

The service would offer maps of the underwater parts of our planet, including shipwrecks, undersea mountains, and even the deepest part of earth, the Marianas Trench.

Users can fetch underwater information with the 3D maps of the seabed terrain, as the new mapping application incorporates data of about 20 content layers, comprising information procured from world’s leading ocean explorers, scientists, and researchers.

“You can now dive into the world's ocean that covers almost three-quarters of the planet and discover new wonders that had not been accessible in previous versions” said Al Gore, who was present at the launch event in San Francisco.

Along with the ocean topography, Google has announced that it has introduced a bunch of features that will enhance users’ interaction with the new Google Earth application.

In addition, Google has also added first mapping of the planet Mars, in collaboration with NASA, and by clicking on the Mars tab, users would be enable to navigate through the topography of the Red Planet using the latest images provided by the space agency.

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Our Comments

The fifth iteration of Google Earth is certainly one of the most impressive releases to date and works well even on a relatively old computer without any hiccups. The next version should start investigation the use of powerful graphic processing units (like the ATI Radeon 4xxx series) to display full 3D versions of planet Earth. And may be offer a true flight simulator as well

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