Motorola Starts LTE-Based 4G Trials In The UK

Motorola announced yesterday that its has kicked off a Long Term Evolution (LTE) trial network after setting up an experiment lab in Swindon, UK, that will enable mobile operators in UK to try out the future 4G technology.

The company is employing prototype equipments to conduct the field experiments, and asserted that it had performed “live, over the air, standards compliant LTE call during which high-speed data services were streamed using Motorola’s LTE infrastructure operating in the 2.6 GHz spectrum and a prototype LTE device”.

Motorola is one of the five companies named by Vodafone and Verizon Wireless for testing out the joint LTE trials; however Motorola didn’t ascertain if the Swindon network was aimed at supporting the Vodafone’s ongoing experiment.

In addition, the company has avowed that it can even host the essential elements of the LTE networks for mobile operators that need a hosted LTE trial.

The company is planning to unveil its commercial LTE solutions sometime later this year that will incorporate products for 2.6GHz and 700MHz spectrum bands, and it asserted that it is already in discussion with some of the mobile operators in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific region for testing out the LTE field activity.

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Our Comments

4G will herald a new era for wireless technologies and will, in due time, replace existing 3G technologies used by mobile phone networks. LTE will be capable of transmitting much more data compared to HSDPA. TeliaSonera and Ericsson have already announced that they will roll out 4G base stations and routers in Stockholm, Sweden by 2010.

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