Stephen Fry Reaches 104,000 Followers

UK Presenter and fellow Twitterer Stephen fry has shattered the 100,000 follower barrier, reaching 104,000 this morning, a 60 percent rise in just a few days, a phenomenal achievement bearing in mind that he started Twittering in August 2008.

In a short message to his 100,000th follower, he declared "@amellioh Hi there Hayley! You are my 100,000th follower! And I'm proud to be your first. Welcome to Twitter xxx".

Fry gained 4000 followers in the last day alone and at this rate should reach the 200,000th follower barrier by the end of this month and surpass Barack Obama, the top Twitterer based on followers, sometimes in March 2009.

Fry's Twitter popularity increased overnight when he appeared on Jonathan Ross's Friday night show on the BBC last week. The Mac and Open Source aficionado has updated his tweet more than 1,000.

Fry is by far the most popular Twitterer outside the UK and currently lies in third position behind the US President and CNN. In contrast, the BBC has just opened an account on Twitter and boosts only 190 followers.

Just to put things in perspective, according to the 2001 UK Census, Brighton and Hove had a population of around 206,000.

Fry also had to postponed his appearance at the Regent Street Apple Store to discuss his new audio book, which was scheduled for yesterday between 7 and 8pm.

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Our Comments

It is easy to see why Twitter is so addictive both to the transmitter and the audience. It is intuitive, easy to grasp, doesn't need much to get started and removes any possible barrier between, say, Stephen Fry and the mass of followers. Stephen Fry could easily expand his influence worldwide by participating to the original TWIT podcast programme with Leo Laporte.

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