Amazon Debuts Online Gaming Download Service

Amazon has joined the league of online digital game providers by launching a new online store aimed at catering to the needs of casual gaming enthusiasts.

Incidentally the new store boasts of a surprisingly large collection of around 600 casual games with the cost of each game figuring around £9.99, or even less.

The new store, which is into its beta version, will provide Amazon the impetus to venture into gaming industry, which seems to be on song in spite of ongoing crunch in global economy.

Users can download any one of those listed 600 games listed in the online store with half-an-hour trial version, after which they have to purchase the game to enjoy it further.

The launch of the new online store seems to be in line with Amazon’s acquisition of Reflexive Entertainment, a service dedicated to casual-gaming, and which is still selling game titles with its signature DRM solution.

In order to download games from Amazon’s online store users would require using some special download tools, similar to what is needed in case of downloading music files from the website’s MP3 service.

The new service from Amazon clearly aims at Yahoo Games, along with Steam Service from Valve; however, unlike Valve’ Stream Service, Amazon hasn’t started offering downloads of big AAA titles from leading publishers.

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Our Comments

Amazon wants to compete with Apple's App Store, that's pretty obvious. Amazon already has an agreement with T-Mobile to distribute Amazon MP3 on the G1 Android mobile phone and it is not impossible that the online e-tailer decide to make mobile gaming the next big thing. Slowly but surely, Amazon is building an integrated service that could well topple iTunes.

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