Background Tasks To Come To Apple iPhone MK3?

It seems that iPhone’s operating system is all set to incorporate multitasking features, with rumours doing rounds that Apple has lifted the ban it had posed over third-party applications running as background tasks.

Back in June last year, Apple asserted that it will not allow more than one third party applications to run simultaneously on the iPhone so as to preserve its resources and battery life, which came as a blow for the developers’ community who were aiming to create applications that can run in the background.

The absence of “Push Notification” feature in the latest firmware of the renowned touch phone has fuelled rumours that the existing restrictions posed on background tasks could be relaxed in future.

The “Push Notification” feature, which was announced by Apple in June last year to address the issue of performance of background tasks, would switch notifications from one application to another that would presumably enable developers create applications, like instant messaging.

After its announcement in Worldwide Developers’ Conference last year, Apple removed the feature from beta version last August, with Steve Jobs reportedly admitting that things as “running a bit late”.

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Our Comments

The Background task feature is certainly one of the most sought after by Apple iPhone users we've queried in our office and would remove one of the few idiosyncrasies that affects an altogether well-oiled platform. Now if the iPhone could get native MMS support as well as a better camera (with Flash), that would be great.

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