Dell Releases XPS One 24 Product (Red) Desktop For Charity

Austin-based manufacturer Dell has announced that its XPS One 24 all in one desktop will be available for sale in the UK under the Product (Red) banner which will help fight HIV/AIDS in Africa through donations.

The gorgeous desktop comes with a glass stand and a fabulous 24-inch HD capable display and starts at around £1399. At this price point, you will get an Intel E7200 CPU, 2GB memory, a Geforce 9600GT video card with a Slot DVD Burner, 320GB hard dsik drive, a Hybrid TV Tuner (complete with remote), Windows Vista Home Premium and one year extended warranty.

Although it sounds expensive, one has to bear in mind that the price includes some stunning features that will rival Apple computers; it has for example, JBL-integrated right and left speakers and a new built-in subwoofer, integrated Wireless, Bluetooth and Firewire capabilities and its wireless keyboard even includes a dedicated touchpad.

Dell's product launch comes a few days after Elton John unleashed its Swarovski crystal encrusted iPod nanos on the unsuspecting public, all for the benefit of his own AIDS Charity. Dell will be giving roughly £40 per computer to the Global Fund.

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Our Comments

Well, for once Mac prices are surprisingly competitive even if they miss a few tricks. The 24-inch Apple iMac comes with a similar 24-inch screen (we've seen got it in the office), a 2.8GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, 320GB HDD, a Slot in DVD writer, an ATI Video card and costs only £1125. Unsurprisingly, if you don't fancy anything integrated or if you want a bog standard computer, you can get a lot more than the XPS One 24 for a lot less

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