Facebook Reaches Fifth Birthday, Invites 150 Million

Social Networking platform, Facebook, is marking its fifth birthday as one of the world's most popular websites by sending mystery gifts to some of its 150 million registered users.

As you might expect, the gifts sent by the website are virtual, and it includes an entire bunch of attractive gifts, ranging from a pint of beer to teddy bears.

Launched as a tool for connecting students of Harvard University over the web, Facebook dethroned MySpace as the most popular social networking platform in UK last year.

Commenting on the occasion, company’s founder and chief exec Mark Zuckerberg wrote in his blog post, “As we celebrate Facebook's 5th birthday, we continue to work hard to evolve Facebook and make it as simple as possible to communicate with and understand the people and entities that matter to you”.

Zuckerberg went on to say that in contemporary situations where people are concerned about sharing their real identities over the web, Facebook has offered secured and safer environments for web users to interact.

Apparently, the biggest challenge against Facebook is to find out the ways to monetise the website and to bank on its huge 150 million users who spend around two hours on the website daily.

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Our Comments

Facebook has only known ups and ups since it was launched back in 2004. It is on the verge of surpassing Myspace as the most popular social networking website ever and its valuation (pre-bubble) at $15 billion put it on par with much more established players like Yahoo. But it is unlikely that Facebook will continue its stratospheric growth for the next five years as it will become more difficult for the site to become substantially bigger than it is now.

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