Orange Adds HP and Toshiba Laptops To Its Broadband Range

France Telecom owned mobile phone provider, Orange, has announced that it will be adding two new laptops to its mobile broadband offer including a HP Compaq Mini 700 which reminds us of the old (very old) Contura Aero series.

The Mini 700 is on offer at Orange for £30 a month while the Toshiba L300 which is a proper traditional full size laptop is available for £35 per month. Both of them come with 3GB worth of data allowance per month for a 24 month contract.

The Compaq netbook has a 10-inch display with a thinner than usual bezel, a 1.6GHz Atom CPU, 1GB memory and a 60GB hard disk drive. It seems to be designed for right hand users as the touchpad is situated to the left of the palm rest.

As for the L300, it is a rather old (6 month) bog standard, 15.4-inch laptop powered by an Intel Dual Core 1.73GHz CPU, 1GB memory, a webcam and a 160GB hard disk drive. Orange also sells the Asus 901 EE PC for under £25 a month but it is currently out of stock.

Orange offers mobile broadband dongle on their own for only £14.68 per month (3GB usage and free dongle) which means that the Mini 700 for example will cost you a whopping £360 over the duration of the contract, a near 100 percent premium over the actual cost price.

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Our Comments

Orange's offer compares poorly with a similar offer from Three. The Compaq Mini 700 with 5GB monthly data allowance costs only £25 per month and if you are already a customer, this price gets shaved by 25 percent, bringing it to a low £18.75 per month.

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