Stephen Fry Trapped In London Lift, Enlists Nearly 500 Followers Per Hour

Stephen Fry twittered his rough ride on a lift in the grey and tall Centre Point Building in Central London where he got stuck on the 26th floor and is on the verge of reaching 127,000 followers.

Fry had finished a talk at the Apple’s Regent Street store on Tuesday night about his forthcoming audiobook when he, together with four fortunate companions, found himself in an ordeal that lasted the best of an hour.

Fortunately, he kept his followers on their feet by twittering while in the lift, adding that "Hell's Teeth, we could be here for hours. Arse, poo and widdle" and they were provided with champagne for undergoing a frustrating journey.

Fry had been to Paramount Club and the owner, Pierre Condou joked at the incident saying that: “I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather be stuck in a lift with. He’d keep you entertained.”

His twitterings attracted thousands of responses ranging from escape suggestions, jokes, tips and more before the engineers came and freed them.

The last few weeks have seen a sharp rise in the number of people subscribing to Stephen Fry's Twitter; the man who describes himself as a "Dancer, couturier, superheavyweight boxer, neo-plasticist and rapper", acquired around 500 followers per hour since our last update.

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Stephen Fry is breathing down the neck of CNN Breaking News Twitter which currently stands at 135,410 followers. And he's probably the most recognised Twitter user and certainly the one who has, in a sense became the service's spokesperson. He's also the most prolific human twitter in the top ten worldwide (if you exclude the NY Times) and by far the biggest Twitterer in Europe.

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