Yahoo Aims To Make Search More Friendly With Search Pad

Yahoo has beefed up its search portal by adding a notepad feature called "Search Pad" that will allow its users to store links, copy and paste text from various websites, enter notes, along with sharing the saved content with other users via email.

The new tool, tagged as “Search Pad”, offers web searchers a place where they can keep information obtained from Yahoo’s search engine, and incorporates features normally prevalent in social bookmarking websites and online notebooks.

It is interesting to note that other vendors, such as ‘eponymous service’ from Evernote and Zoho’s ‘Notebook’, are also there with similar sort of services, but Yahoo has incorporated the tool with its search engine, thereby offering it a focused approach, instead of making it as a separate web application.

Incidentally, Google has also had an online notebook feature to help users to track their search results, but the company announced last month to stop developing the product any further.

The application seems to be handy for shopping, planning vacations, and academic research and the search data obtained would get saved to users’ Yahoo ID.

Quoting Search Pad’s utility for research work, Yahoo Search’s VP for product Larry Cornett said in a statement, “It’s our hope that the people doing research with Yahoo are able to be more effective. That may drive more engagement or drive them to come back more often”.

As of now, the service is into its early testing and available only to a few Yahoo users.

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Our Comments

Google stopped the development of Google Notebook but it seems that Yahoo has taken the lead with Search pad. Should you care? Well, although we' re happy and pleased by Yahoo's efforts, Searchpad feels overpowering if you only want to copy and paste a few notes. Also the fact that it is tied to Yahoo Search Engine is a turn off for those who wanted to replace Google Notebook altogether.

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