£23.38 4GB Dane-Elec Value PC Memory - DDR2 667Mhz (PC2-5300)

Buy a pair of 2GB DDR2 Memory modules from Dane-Elec for less than £24 at 7dayshop.com and experience a significant boos in your computer's performance overnight.

They are substantially cheaper than at Scan.co.uk for example where they sell sell for nearly 100 percent more.

Dane-Elec have released a new brand of RAM going under the brand name of Celenade (10 out of 10 if you spotted the cheeky little anagram).

This new range of budget branded memory is going out as direct competition against Kingston's budget range and other similar quality branded RAM.

This particular model has a 240-pin form factor, a CAS Latency of 5, unbuffered, non ECC and operates at 1.8v +/- 0.1v.

It is OEM boxed and comes with a lifetime guarantee the only difference is the low price we a selling it for. If you demand the best in memory in terms of Quality, Reliability, Compatibility and Value then look no further.

Dane-Elec products are produced using the highest quality materials and processes to ensure optimum compatibility and reliability under the most demanding of conditions.

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