£89.99 Philips 200WS8FB- 20.1" LCD monitor

Improve your computing and multimedia viewing experiences with this 20” LCD Monitor from Philips.

With a contrast ratio of 800:1 you’re sure to receive vivid and brilliant images, while a response time of just 5ms eliminates blur across all applications including fast paced games and movies.

This sleek black Philips LCD Monitor will look great in any home and will modernise your workstation and computing environment.

Whether you’re a movie fan, a keen gamer or simply enjoy surfing the web and viewing documents the 200WS8FB 20” LCD Monitor from Philips promises to deliver high quality clear images for you to enjoy.

This 20-inch monitor comes with a DSub and DVI connection and can display up to 1680x1050 pixels.Its brightness reaches 300 cd/m2, which puts it on par with the rest of the competition.

Grab it from CDiscount for a mere £89.99.