Fake Parking Ticket Violation Website Spews Out Malware

Hackers have now come up with new techniques for tricking users in the guise of fraudulent parking violations warning tickets, which prompt users to visit a website containing some malware content.

Motorists in US found traffic violation parking tickets on their cars containing a web address, which claimed to have photos of the noted parking violation, but it eventually directs users to a virus-infected website.

The hacking attacks reportedly kicked off with a number of fake parking tickets issued in Grand Rapids in North Dakota, where motorists found these tickets positioned under their windshields.

The message featured on these fake parking tickets is, “PARKING VIOLATION This vehicle is in violation of standard parking regulations”, and the ticket eventually instructed users to visit a website in order to “view pictures with information about your parking preferences”

Users who click on to the website mentioned on these tickets were directed to install a ‘toolbar’ so as to find out their cars in the photos available in the website.

This executable toolbar present in the website consists of a Trojan application, which downloads several other infected applications on to the users’ machines.

Incidentally, this seems to be the first time when the offenders used the real world solutions to launch malicious attacks, but this wouldn’t be the last one, and the world would continue to see such approaches, said Lenny Zelster, an antivirus analyst with SANS Institute.

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Our Comments

Human Ingenuity continues to baffle us. Expect this kind of website to spread out to European countries, especially in the UK. The criminals have taken a real, genuine concern and managed to trap individuals. Fake tax return and fake winning tickets/vouchers websites have long existed.

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