Husband Divorces With Wife Through Facebook

Emma Brady of Baxenden, Lancashire, has become the first person ever to be divorce by a partner through Facebook, the popular social networking website that has more than 150 million active users worldwide.

The ex-Mrs Brady only found out about her husband's plans when she was alerted by her friends after he changed his status on Facebook to display `Neil Brady has ended his marriage to Emma Brady.'

The now divorcee was further humiliated when Neil Brady, the estranged husband, told her he had nothing important to tell her when he was confronted (ed: perhaps showing that the guy, who is an IT consultant, was too shy to tell her the truth).

Details of this sad episode emerged during a session at the Blackburn Magistrates Court where Mr Brady pleaded guilty to assaulting his ex-wife later but the 39-year old insisted that she knew well that he wanted divorce.

And before you ask it, there are already hundreds of groups on Facebook supporting, opposing and discussing Divorce. Maybe now, he should seek out this Canadian girl who wrote on his wall "You are better off out of it" and marry her.

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Our Comments

Time changes and so do culture. Being officially dumped by email or text is nothing new. Under Islamic rules, even an unsent SMS with the word "talaq" is enough for a man to separate from his wife. Plus there are already DIY divorce services appearing online (even in the UK) for as little as £68.

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