Mac OSX Snow Leopard To Integrate Location-Based, Multi Touch And More

Apple’s upcoming Snow Leopard operating system will incorporate triangulation features via the web that will enable developers to figure out the geographical location of Macs, in addition to extending multi touch support to their applications, according to a recent report from AppleInsider.

Reports suggest that the next generation operating system will incorporate a feature, dubbed as “CoreLocation” framework, formerly available through the iPhone SDK, which will enable Mac applications to comprehend the geographical locations of the Macs on which they are operating.

As Macs don’t sport the GPS feature as available with the iPhone, CoreLocation will use a Mac’s hardware system to triangulate the location of the system in a way similar to the original iPhone was enabled to utilize the technology to present a fairly accurate global positioning signal.

In addition, the report also asserted that the developers creating applications for the forthcoming operating system will also have access to advanced Cocoa-based programming interfaces using the multi-touch capabilities of MacBooks within their apps.

It also notified that the framework would include functions and code library that could even be used by small developers to spruce up their applications with the multi-touch features, as available in iPhoto and Safari.

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Our Comments

Location based services is the next big thing it seems. Google already released Latitude and GPS enabled devices like the iPhone and Android will only make the whole concept even more pervasive. Multi touch features may look interesting but are likely to remain a niche market altogether because of practical and financial constraints.

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