Nintendo Wii Exercising Tested On OAPs

Aberdeen University and NHS Grampian are looking for Old Age Pensioners who have fallen at least once in the past year and will be providing them with a Nintendo Wii complete with Wii Fit to improve their balance.

The device, which has been a popular hit at Christmas, is set to take on medical equipment costing "several thousand pounds" according to Dr Alison Stewart who is pioneering the trial, which is funded by the British Geriatrics Society (BGS).

Volunteers will be asked to attend regular sessions either at their own home or over 12 weeks at the Woodend Hospital.

The researchers are hoping to improve the standard of life of those who have been affected by osteoporosis and minimise hip fractures which are mainly caused by falls.

Falls account for a number of related age related issues as well such as loss of confidence, early death and reduced quality of life.

With more UK citizens living longer, using the gaming console with the Wii Balance board to help them exercise appears to be a great idea, especially as it can also be used as a social tool as well.

A local newspaper, the EveningExpress, invited the President of Grampian Senior Citizens’ Forum George Thomson, to try the Wii Fit who found out that the technology was fantastic.

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Our Comments

At £250, the gaming bundle might seem expensive, but one has to bear in mind that the Wii Console is a one off cost. Nintendo has a popular range of video games that are marketed as being helpful to keep more mature brains healthier and the gaming console could well be rolled out into geriatric wards and homes.

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