Sky Ponders Over 20 Years Of Broadcasting

It has been 20 long years since Sky TV was first launched and it still today continuous to hold the place of the most innovative television network in Britain.

Launched on 5 February 1989 with only four channels, Sky has over the years virtually redefined television viewing in UK and it today enables television addicts to watch their favourite shows on computers and even on their mobile phones.

During its early days, a test channel referred to as satellite Television UK was transformed to Sky Channel and the phenomenal success of the channel was attained through several pioneering moves that the company made over the past couple of decades.

Sky TV is well-known for setting benchmarks in entertainment industry, as it has introduced several innovative concepts, including 24 hour news, on-demand movies, comprehensive coverage of sports, paying to watch content on TV, HDTV, as well as the capability to record, rewind, and stop live action on televisions.

With its Square Eyes feature, launched in 2001, Sky TV even offers viewers the flexibility to watch content as per their wish, such as the ability to skip the ads, along with capabilities of what and when to watch.

The company has been trying its hands on 3D television for quite some time, and along the same line, it is collaborating with 3D broadcasts to further spruce up the television viewing experience.

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Our Comments

Sky has revolutionised the way British people watch television. The unique composition of the UK television ecosystem - one strong public service, one strong cable and one equally aggressive satellite broadcaster - means that its actors counterbalance each other's influence. But UK customers still pay a hefty price compared to the rest of Europe.

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