Steve Wozniak Joins Storage Firm Fusion-IO As Chief Scientist

Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak has taken up a new role of chief scientist at the solid-state technology firm, Fusion-io, the company notified on Thursday.

The new job profile of Wozniak involves working on the company’s wide range of memory devices, including PCI NAND memory system, as well as he will also serve as an advisory member of the company’s board.

Commenting upon the company’s rapid development pace, Wozniak said in a statement, “With the revolutionary technological advances being made by Fusion-io, the company is in the right place at the right time with the right technology”.

He went on to say that Fusion-io’s technology is advanced enough to cater to the requirements of almost all of the servers and applications currently available across the globe.

Fusion-io is a company that sells solid-state storage devices with input/output performances outpacing that of the conventional mechanical drives by a great margin.

The company purports that its products allow big organizations to develop complete, highly efficient storage area networks, rapidly, effortlessly, and cost-effectively.

Wozniak is technically employed with Apple Inc., and draws a monthly pay cheque from the company every month, and he seems unlikely to move to Fusion-io’s Utah headquarters, and will continue to serve from California.

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Our Comments

Why would the Woz join a small company like Fusion-IO? The co-founder of Apple must surely see some interesting potential in the firm. Fusion IO produces the IODrive which is the fastest Solid State Drive in the world, outpacing even the fastest hard drives there due to the fact that it relies on the PCI channels. And according to Tweaktown, a single IO Drive can perform faster than the best enterprise 15k Drive in an 8-drive RAID configurations.

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